Eco Friendly Truck Wash Keeping Ireland Green

Commercial Truck Cleaning ServicesCCS Ltd has 14 mobile truck washing teams operating throughout the country, 7 days a week, throughout the year and all kinds of weather.

CCS has built its reputation of the last 25 years by offering a no-fuss low cost on site service. So if you want one vehicle washed in Letterkenny or 50 in Wexford, CCS can accommodate you.

Our customers include some of the largest companies in Ireland today. ESB, An Post, DHL, Bulmers, Superquinn & Texaco to name just a few.

Our truck washing services include:- rotary brush wash, hot steam wash, full / partial valets, licensed hgv drivers, diesel area cleaning.

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An Post Tender Awarded Supplier

CCS are very proud to announce that they have been awarded the EU tender for Ireland’s largest fleet operation An Post, who’s fleet contains 2,600 vehicles.


CCS can provide you with a complete valeting service on your premises. Be it a transit van, company car or Scania truck we can make your vehicle look like new again.

If you require a team of professional valeters working at your premises full-time, we are able to assist you. In addition to our normal valeting we offer the following specialised services:- chips / scratch repair, windscreen repair, wheel repair, paint restoration, odour removal, collection & delivery.

A professional valet can add substantially to your vehicle resale value.

CCS Eco Friendly Cleaning Procedure

1. Vehicle washed in place.

2. Optima steam washer is used.

3. All contaminants are retained by microfibre cloths.

4. Cleaning procedure approved and recommended by EPA guidelines.

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1. Vehicle is driven onto washmat.

2. Vehicle is washed by pressure washer.

3. All contaminants remain within the wash mat and are vacuumed into IBC tank.

4. IBC tank is removed from site and its contents disposed of correctly within EPA guidelines.

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