COVID-19 30 Day Virus Protection For Your Peace Of Mind

Work Areas 100 SQ Meters €200 / Vehicle Interior 30 Day Protection For Less Than 30c Per Day!

Re-Open Your Business With Complete Peace Of Mind!

  • Schools

  • Care homes

  • Transport companies

  • Offices

  • Hair-dressers and beauty saloon

  • And much more!

We are proud to announce that CVCS have been awarded the sole distributorship for ZOONO sanitizer. This product is not only long lasting (30 Days) it is also the only product that has been specifically designed to kill not only Coronavirus, also all known Type A flu strains virus.

Additionally it can be effectively applied via a controlled aerosol distribution method, with employees being able to use the work space immediately. The Zoono sanitizer has been in operational use for several years. Zoona technology & efficacy testing can be found here.

Companies Who Use This Product

zoono mould guard

One application every month

It is applied to all surfaces via a fine mist. Therefore employees do not have to be concerned or resort to cleaning their hands every time they touch a surface. Be it a keypad, door handle, stapler and so on.

Providing personnel are aware that their work space it’s not only virus free however is perfectly safe to work in. This goes a long way into restoring lost confidence or apprehensions staff will have returning to the workplace.

On completing sanitization of a work space. A certificate and further information is left to verify the 30 day effectiveness.

The same company also offers a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer which if applied in the morning will provide 24 hour protection even if you touch multiple surfaces or wash your hands multiple times.

CVCS Ltd has been sanitizing work spaces and vehicles for several large companies and I would be happy to provide references.

All Verification/ Attestation / Authentication/ Confirmation Proof Below

The product is currently in widespread use with the National Health Service in the UK sanitising hospitals, also care homes, ambulances London underground etc. This product is applied via a specialised aerosol container. The area/vehicle can be immediately used by STAFF after decontamination. Read the latest Globe News Wire press release here.

The use of the ZOONO aerosol is a revolutionary mist spray with fogging technology guaranteed to completely sanitise a work space. We have made this service available to the likes of,  An post, UPS G4S, DH, Barry’s to name a few.

It’s a low cost effective sanitising service that kills viruses and gives the employee an additional piece of mind and protection. Also it’s a pro-active step by the employer demonstrating worker welfare and is long lasting.

As the product is distributed via aerosol we can not only disinfect large areas quickly, however reach intricate areas with full surface coverage. The cost for full sanitisation of a typical vehicle for ONE month’s full virus protection is less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

30 Day PROTECTION, Less than 30 cents a day for peace of mind!

This will keep vehicles/work space’s clear of Coronavirus for 30 DAYS. This is the only product that offers 30 DAY protection.

If you look at the test evaluations for the London underground, the results speak for themselves. Its main advantage over traditional sanitising or cleaning methods is that it offers up to thirty days protection to your staff against Covid 19 Virus.

View Zoono London Underground Trial Report

COVID 19 Safe Zone

Please be advised not only your particular work space, however the entire premises has had a ZOONO sanitizing treatment performed. This treatment will provide protection from not only Covid 19 however a host of other germs and viruses for 30 DAYS.

The long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology is a revolutionary solution to protect you and your co-workers against virus borne illnesses. The technology is water based alcohol free and is free from dangerous chemicals.

It works by forming a shield that bond on all surfaces therefore stopping germs and viruses lingering, therefore enabling you to work safely and be confident knowing you are neither picking up or passing on any harmful viruses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoono does not use chemistry to kill germs – it uses physics. Zoono permanently bonds to surfaces and sets up a Nano-molecular layer of pins which create a hostile barrier to germs that physically impale and destroy germs that come in contact with the Zoono layer. This method of action is why Zoono can keep working for up to 30 days on surfaces.

Zoono is a totally unique antimicrobial product. Zoono does not kill bacteria by poisoning. Instead, it creates a hostile barrier that resembles a “bed of nails” that punctures and kills microbes when they come in contact with it. This means that there is no possibility of bacteria building up immunity (i.e., no super-bugs).

Zoono kills mechanically. When Zoono is applied (and allowed to dry), it leaves a thin bonded film that, at the Nano level, resembles millions of sword-shaped road spikes – spikes that attract and kill bacteria. Because Zoono does not change during this process, one single application can last for a month or more (depending on the surface and the application).

Zoono has been proven to provide long-lasting antimicrobial protection against a wide range of microorganisms, including bacteria (e.g., MRSA, VRE, salmonella, E. coli, listeria), viruses (e.g., Corona virus, Ebola, swine flu, influenza, herpes simplex type 1), fungi and mould. For a full list, please see our Safety & Effectiveness page.

The majority of hand sanitizers on the market today claim they kill 99.99% of germs. While this is true, alcohol-based or other “poison-based” disinfectants are only
effective while they are wet, which means they are effective for only a few minutes before re-infection begins again.

Zoono kills 99.99% of germs but offers continuing efficacy for up to 30 days on surfaces and 24 hours on hands. On skin, this means you can apply Zoono once and you are protected all day long. To get similar efficacy from other products, you would need to apply them every few minutes which is not only impractical and costly but hazardous to your long-term health.

On surfaces, most household disinfectants require you to leave the disinfectant on the surface for 10 minutes or more to “disinfect” or kill all the germs on the surface. Sadly, once these products are dry, germ build-up resumes. This is not so with Zoono. Once Zoono is applied and allowed to dry, that is when it starts working and continues to continuously protect for up to 30 days. We believe that makes Zoono a more effective disinfectant.

Zoono has a similar toxicity rating to Vitamin C.

It is environmentally friendly. It is made from raw organic compounds. Zoono does not leach (i.e., seep off its host), so there is no harm to drains or waterways if Zoono enters the system. In fact, Zoono helps with the water treatment process by killing moulds, funguses, algae and pathogens it comes in contact with.

Zoono is an invisible antimicrobial barrier that is virtually odourless and colourless and will not stain fabric. This means that there are no unpleasant smells, stains or streaks on your skin or clothes.

Zoono has been rated “Food Safe” around the world. Because there is no leaching (once dried, there is no transfer from surface to surface), Zoono is not only food safe but safe for use in food prep environments. If you have any further questions please contact

Product Information

ZOONO GermFree24 safety data sheet
Tests passed by Zoono in accredited Laboratories on Jan. 2019