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commercial vehicles cleaning servicesCommercial Cleaning Services Ltd was formed in 1985 and quickly became Ireland’s largest mobile truck washing company with over 14 branches nationwide.

Through our experience and the demand for quality cleaning from our many and varied customers, Commercial Cleaning Services was incorporated in 1995 so we could offer multiple new cleaning services including factory / warehouse cleaning, valeting, window cleaning, road and car park sweeping, gum removal and landscaping.

Our customers include some of the largest companies in Ireland today, An Post, Barry’s, BWG, Diageo, DPD, Co-op superstores, ESB, DHL, G4S, Guinness, Obelisk, Pre-Pay Power, Sky, Tarrant International, Texaco and Vodafone to name just a few. Please ask us for as many references as you wish.

Conserve Energy

For mobile wash operators, the Optima Steamer™ can reduce water consumption by 95%, cleaning a car using as little as one gallon of water.

Not only will steam reduce your water consumption and water bill, it will also reduce the equipment and space necessary to contain water.

Weight reduction will greatly reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Compared to traditional pressure washer operators who carry over 250 gallons of water (over 2,085lbs) and a recovery tank, Optima Steamer users will need no more than 20 gallons of water for all day use with no recovery tank!

conserve water

Our Clients

Truck Cleaning

Eco Truck & Trailer Washing Services

CCS Ltd has 18 mobile truck washing teams operating throughout the country, 7 days a week, throughout the year and all kinds of weather.

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Environmental Truck Washing

Environmental Truck Cleaning

Business in all industry sectors are under ever increasing pressure to take account of the implications of their activates on the environment.

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Office Building Cleaning

Office & Building Cleaning Solutions

CCS offer a wide range of cleaning services to commercial clients. We realise the importance of maintaining a clean property when portraying your business image to your customers.

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truck and trailer valeting and detailing services

Valeting & Detailing Services

CCS is Ireland’s only nationwide onsite detailing and valeting service for the commercial sector.

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Warehouse Cleaning

Cold Store & Warehouse Cleaning

Our dedicated team of window cleaners can answer all of your window cleaning requirements.

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Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Services

CCS undertake a wide range of landscape maintenance work across Ireland for a huge variety of clients. Essentially we keep a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive.

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Why Choose CCS Truck Washing

  • Reduced Costs: Up to 50% saving on Drive-Through Wash; On-site Service – No downtime for drivers. CCS provide everything including supervision, safety equipment, training, manpower, cleaning agents, equipment.
  • Improved Public Image: Your company name stands out in clean trucks.
  • Enhanced Safety: Clean vehicles are more visable and easier to see. They are also easier to maintain.
  • Improved Vehicle Life: Vehicles last longer when grime and air pollutants are removed on a regular basis.
  • Peace Of Mind: CCS are fully compliant with all health and safety requirements and have full public liability insurance.

Car Wash Water Reclamation Mat

Truck & Fleet Washing

Optima Steamer