Environmental Truck Cleaning

optima steamers dmf in green, blue and redBusinesses in all industry sectors are under ever increasing pressure to take account of the implications of their activates on the environment.

An Informed Decision?

CCS have taken several actions not only to comply with EPA regulations but have gone several steps further.

Additional, CCS employ the use of Charcoal drain insert filters. The filters are placed in drains where run off from the washing may occur. The inserts will allow water to pass through. They will stop course sediment, oil, grease, break fluid and cleaning agent from entering the drainage system.

At no time during our vehicle washing process does any run-off or contaminants enter either storm or foul drains.

environmental truck cleaningFACT 2:
All run-off and contaminants are removed from site for EPA regulated disposal.

Our cleaning agent with our eco-friendly products breaks down into harmless molecules within 72 hours.

CCS reused up to 50% of the wash water through our state of the art reclamation and filtering systems. All storm drains are plugged to stop the flow of harmful agents into the water system.

CCS will guarantee that all of its work complies with EPA regulations.

CCS Environmental Truck Cleaning Procedure

1. Steam allows mobile valeting and fleet cleaning operators to drastically reduce their chemical consumption. In fact, steam eliminates your need for window cleaning chemicals, soaps, detergent and other abrasive and harmful compounds.

2. Using the Optima Steamer, a mobile wash operator can wash and clean without producing waste-water.

3. Steam cleaning only used 0-2 gallons per wash as opposed to 5 gallons and conventional wash.

4. Steam valeting and fleet washing negates the need for use of excessive cleaning agent.

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